Season Five

Season Five

Episode 2 – VAST!

Ok, here it is! The game that we made our “pick” last year at Gen Con! We have heard people say it is not good for 2 players, but we disagree! We LOVE this game!!! Take a look!!

WARNING: We apologize this is a longer show but we really wanted to show the game in full. Feel free to fast forward!

AND….we caught two mistakes we made during play which we put a little blurb on the screen for – – sorry about those, but at least we caught them. 🙂

Check out the manufacturer’s page here: Leder Games

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Episode 1 – Nefarious

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Welcome to Season 5! (we can’t believe we have done this for five years now!)

This game is a quick learn, but a lot of fun and we love how you can change it up each time. It is published by USAopoly!


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