Season Five

Episode 9 – Villainous

We love Disney and playing Villains instead of Heroes is a bit fun! Meet your goals and win the game!!

This game is by Wonderforge

Buy Villainous Here!

Episode 8 – Rescue Polar Bears!

Our friends at Mayday games were kind enough to give us a copy of this game at Gen Con. We LOVED it! Not only is it a nice message of saving these cute animals, but it is a big time strategy game that is not as easy as it may look to save them….but that is the fun of it! Take a look!

Mayday Games

Episode 7 – Dice Throne Season One!

We found this at Gen Con! We loved it so much we pre-ordered the Kickstarter for the “Season Two” version! Such a great game and the components are fantastic. We look forward to Season Two! It is available for pre-order as of this posting, so look for it on Kickstarter.

Roxley Games

Buy Dice Throne Season One Here!

Episode 6 – Quarriors!

This is a game that has been out for a while but is has a bunch of expansions too! We LOVE this game since our friend Chris introduced us to it and we feel more people need to know about it so that is why we picked it. We only show you games we really love and this is one of them. Enjoy!!!

Wiz Kids!

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Episode 5 – Clank in Space!

Ok, first apologies for the length of this video but we are posting it right before the 4th of July so hopefully you will all have some time to watch it – if not …. fast forward….LOL – – We LOVE this game and did not want to cut it short so again feel free to fast forward once you get what you want to see. We love our viewers and really appreciate you taking any time to watch our little show!

Here is the link to the manufacturer!

Clank Website

Buy Clank in Space Here!

Bonus Video Mini Review! Cursed Court!

Normally we do our mini reviews on Facebook in picture play format (see our website link below for a list of all the mini’s we have done), but for this one we thought a short video may be a good idea since GTM gave us this one to look at. Take a peek!

Mini Reviews!

Atlas Games Site

Episode 4 – Legendary Inventors

Cute little game we picked up at Rockhead’s Comics and Games when we were in WI.


We really enjoyed it and maybe you will too!

Buy Legendary Inventors Here!

Episode 3 – Star Wars Destinyy

WE LOVED THIS GAME! Not just because it is two player, and it is STAR WARS, and it is owned by DISNEY (where Phil and I met)…. but because it is a REALLY FUN GAME…. we normally don’t do collectibles but now we are addicted!

Buy Star Wars Destiny Here!

Check out the publisher website here:
Fantasy Flight

Episode 2 – VAST!

Ok, here it is! The game that we made our “pick” last year at Gen Con! We have heard people say it is not good for 2 players, but we disagree! We LOVE this game!!! Take a look!!

WARNING: We apologize this is a longer show but we really wanted to show the game in full. Feel free to fast forward!

AND….we caught two mistakes we made during play which we put a little blurb on the screen for – – sorry about those, but at least we caught them. 🙂

Check out the manufacturer’s page here: Leder Games

Buy Vast here!!!
Episode 1 – Nefarious

Buy Nefarious Here!

Welcome to Season 5! (we can’t believe we have done this for five years now!)

This game is a quick learn, but a lot of fun and we love how you can change it up each time. It is published by USAopoly!


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