Season Four

Episode Seven
Castles of Caladale

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Great little game by Renegade Games.

We wish you all a happy holiday season! See you next year, with hopefully more show and more fun!

Jane & Phil

Episode Six

We found this game at GenCon and absolutely love it! We apologize for the extra long video – we actually cut it by 10 minutes – the issue is when playing a real live game (no script) you think about what cards you want to use, etc. hence making the game play and video longer – so feel free to jump ahead… may miss a cool graphic or two but we understand…. also sorry for Jane’s “sniffing” – just getting over a cold when we taped.

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Episode Five
The Lost Expedition

We really enjoyed this one and had fun with the editing of this show because of it. Hope you enjoy it!

1-5 players
20-50 min

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Episode Four
The Rose King

Great 2 player game from Kosmos!

Kosmos Website

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Episode Three

We love deck building games and glad we picked this one up! Set in the future these clans are trying to stay alive and be on top!

Cryptozoic Website!

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Episode Two

Great game we learned about from GTM magazine (which we also write for)!
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Check out the manufacturer page at:
Eagle Gryphon Games
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Episode One

What a great little game from Italy! Loved this game!

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