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Forbidden Sky

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Agricola Revised Edition

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Adventure Games – The Dungeon

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The Oregon Trail Game

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Gloom of Thrones

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Ticket to Ride – Rails & Sails

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EXIT – The Stormy Night

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Wonder Woman – Challenge of the Amazons

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First Class

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The Liberation of Rietburg

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Bob Ross – the Art of Chill

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Unexploded Cow

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Nuns on the Run

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Chicago Express

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The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Animal Empire

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Villainous Wicked to the Core

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Above and Below

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Trash Pandas

Welcome to Season 7! We thought we would start the new year and season with a game suggested by one of our viewers. It’s a cute little card game that was very easy to learn and quick to play. It was really good for two players as well! No picture review on this one as we decided to play it in front of you! We will probably go back to picture reviews starting next week though but occasionally will do these.

2-4 players

Ages 8+

20 minutes