Season Six and Six and a Half

Season Six and a Half

This is our new format, and since we had to cut Season 6 short and are starting our new format mid-season, we are calling it Six and a Half.

Episode Tweleve – Tiny Epic Tactics

Episode Eleven – Papillon

Episode Ten – 10 Minute Heist – The Wizard’s Tower

Episode Nine – of Dreams & Shadows

Episode Eight – Tsuro Phoenix Rising

Episode Seven – Valeria Card Kingdoms

Episode Six – Photosynthesis

Episode Five – Kill Doctor Lucky

Episode Four – Funkoverse – The Golden Girls

Episode Three – Megaland

Episode Two – Azul vs. Sagrada!

Episode One – Trellis

Season Six (before it was cut short)

Episode Two – Ingenious

Sometimes it is nice just to play an easy to learn game, that actually takes strategy to play! We love Kosmos games in general and this one is no exception! Take a look at their website when you have time and pick up this game and some other great ones that they have!

Episode One – The Mansky Caper

First we thank Calliope games for sending us this wonderful game to check out – we had a blast with it (as you can tell)! Check them out at:

Adding the driver is a great feature of only having 2 players, but we did not want the driver to win! Ha! Ha!

Buy The Mansky Caper here!