Season Three

Episode 8 – Smallworld

Buy Smallworld Here!

What a great game from Days of Wonder – now we need to go and buy the other expansions.

Check their website at:

Days of Wonder

They also have an online version of the game you can play!

Episode 7 – Street Kings

This game was brought to our attention by another review show “Board to Death” – it was a Kickstarter that we decided to support. We received the game, loved it, and are sharing it with you now!

We don’t often play racing games, but we really enjoyed this one!

Check out their page at:

Board to Death

Buy Street Kings Here!

Episode 6 – Pinata (Gen Con Special)

After coming home from Gen Con and Origins we are now starting to look through some of the new games we picked up including this cute one from Rio Grande!

Rio Grande Games

Buy Pinata Here!

Buy Card Caddy Here!

Episode 5 – The Adventurers – Pyramid of Horus

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Episode 4 – Machi Koro

Here is a game that was sitting on our pile to play – someone mentioned it, so we had to try it, and loved it! Easy, fast and a lot of FUN! Check out the manufacturer’s page here:

IDW Games

Buy Machi Koro here!

Episode 3 – Dice City!

Absolutely loved this game!!! We still feel it takes longer than 45 minutes to play, but we really don’t mind as we liked it! Check out their website at:

Alderac Web Site

Buy Dice City Here!

Episode 2 – Commissioned

A game perfect for Easter! But even if you are not a religious person, this game is just a GREAT game to play and try to conquer the land by building your churches! You can take a look at the manufacturer’s page here:

Chara Games


Buy Commissioned Here!

Or go to our Facebook page Table For Two Show for a chance to win a copy! (click on Polls to enter) – winner will be drawn 4/16/16.

Episode 1 – Evolution

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