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Season Two

Episode 12 – Parfum

Loved this easy to learn, but really fun game!

Buy Parfum Here!

Episode 11 – The Red Dragon Inn

Another great find at Gen Con! We really enjoyed this one…..and you will see why…LOL!!!

Check out the manufacturer’s site:


Buy the Red Dragon Inn here!

Episode 9 & 10 – Our Gen Con Special
Specter Ops/Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses

Part One

Buy Specter Ops here!

Part Two

Episode 8
Gravwell/Origins Special

This is our now annual special coming home from Origins, showing what we feel is our top pick along with other things we enjoyed! Hope you enjoy it! Happy Fourth of July!

Buy Gravwell Here!

Episode 7
Lost Cities

One of our viewers suggested this great two player game! Check it out!

Buy Lost Cities Here!

Check out the manufacturer’s site!


Episode 6

This is by far one of our FAVORITE games and even though we like to bring new games to the show we really felt everyone should know about this game, if they did not.

Check out their website at:


Buy Ascension here!

Episode 5
Cross Hares

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! I hope you enjoy our review of Cross Hares! A really fun game that we really enjoyed! Take a look here for where you can buy this game!

Buy it here!

OR check their website at:


Episode 4

We wish we did not take so long to try this game after one of our viewers recommended it! We hope you enjoy this show and consider purchasing this fun little game!

Check out their website here: http://www.asmodee.com/


Buy Jaipur Here!

Revolver 2

After taking so much time editing this show again, I think we may be going down to a shorter show next time around. Let’s see what happens. In the meantime thanks to Tony D. for recommending this game to us – after a little struggle to learn it we really did like I a lot!

Check out their website at: StrongHold Games

Buy Revolver 2 here!!

Episode 2

Our second show of the season – – now……we did the play the whole thing through per suggestion from our viewers – – took almost 30 hours to edit down to one hour – not sure how we feel about this new format as it takes a lot more time for us to edit. Plus it is a much longer show – although you can fast forward…..LOOKING FOR OPINIONS please….hoping to maybe cut down to 30 min and not play end to end but just show more game play then last year…thoughts? This is an EXCELLENT game however – hope you like it! Check out the mfg website at:


Buy Claustrophobia Here!

Thank you for watching – we love your feedback! Check out our FB page too!

Episode 1