Table for Two – You Be the Judge™

Here you will find videos of any Kickstarter projects that we recommend and are going to be backing! Take a look and “You be the Judge”

Episode 12
Game of Energy

The designer, Nathan, gave us a copy of this game to take a look at, and we LOVED it! The Kickstarter campaign starts 7/26 and we will be backing it – won’t you consider doing the same?

PS we taped episode 11 after 12 so the reference to not doing one in a long time here doesn’t make sense …well we are not perfect….LOL.

Episode 11
Fire of Eidolon

Episode 10
Darkrock Ventures

Episode 9
Alien Labyrinth

Back it here!

Episode Eight

If you like it back it!

Back it here!
Episode Seven

Front Runner!

Looking for a better way to pick the President? Check out this game! If you like it, back it!

Episode Six
Bring Out Yer Dead!

Just in time for Halloween – Bring Out Yer Dead is hitting Kickstarter – take a look and back this one if you like it! We are!

One thing we failed to mention is that there are two sides of the game board – one for 2 player and one for more than 2 player – VERY cool!

Episode Five

Take a look at Strife from Vision 3 Games! Back it if you like it!!!

Search Kickstarter for V3G!

Episode Four
All Hands on Deck!

We are backing this one and hope you do too!

Episode Three

Here is the page on Kickstarter if you want to back them!

Episode Two

Take a look at their website/pages and when they are on Kickstarter show your love!

Episode One
The Pirate Deck

If you want to support this project or take a better look click here: